Whelping Problems


Difficulty or problems giving birth

Predisposing factors to a difficult delivery

  • Bulldogs
  • Single pup
  • First time whelping
  • Very large litters 

When to be concerned

  • 30 minutes of strong contractions with no pups delivered
  • 2– 3 hours of weak and infrequent expulsive efforts failing to produce a pup.
  • 4 or more hours between pups  
  • Obvious problem (pup hanging out, etc.)  
  • Failure to assist and get professional

Potential problems include

  • Primary uterine inertia
  • The uterus never starts to contract normally
  • Secondary uterine inertia
  • The uterus becomes fatigued or stops its normal contractions
  • Possibility of needing a C-section at this point is high
  • Obstructive Dystocia
  • Malposition or large fetal size
  • Manipulation or C-section is usually necessary
  • All manipulations need to be done very sanitary to prevent contamination of the uterus and metritis.
  • Whelping monitors for dogs
  • Very accurate to determine the beginning of uterine contractions
  • Can diagnose problems with Inertia and obstruction
  • Helps to determine the best time for C-section if a known date of LH surge is not available.  


 When unexpected problems occur we can help, if after hours call and follow the prompts for an emergency.

Next know what to do to keep your puppies health and how to detect problems early, even before any extermal symptoms can be seen.
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