The 6 most common problems we see as veterinarians

Six of most common diseases veterinarians find and the owner may be unaware their pet had a disease

Periodontal Disease: 68% of cats and 78% of dogs have been found to have periodontal disease. This disease has been linked to heart kidney and liver disease. These problems are preventable through regular dental cleanings and evaluations and good home care. Teeth in pets are more important they you may have previously thought.

Otitis externa: This is inflammation of the outer ear canal, kind of like “Swimmer’s Ear” in humans. Some breeds like spaniels, retrievers, small terriers and miniature poodles are more prone to this problem but it can happen in any dog or cat. Allergies, ear mites, ticks, or foreign objects in the ear are common causes. We often find ears with mild problems that are easily treated before it becomes a severe infection.

Diabetes: This is the third most common pet illness and is associated with obesity and lack of good exercise. The most common signs of diabetes are increased urination, drinking a lot, and weight loss. We can often detect early diabetes through blood work and a urinalysis before most owners would notice the symptoms listed above. Prevention is managing weight, prober exercise, and using the right diet.

Heartworm Disease: This is the fourth most common disease in the U.S. Here is Utah it is not as prevalent as other areas in the county but we still have a few cases show up here every year. This disease is completely preventable. One of the easiest ways it an injection done twice yearly that will prevent this parasite and others from causing infection in your pets.

Parasites: In Emery and Carbon couinties we have many types of other parasites that rutinly infect our pets.  Prevention of internal and extermanl parasites can help your pet and your family stay healthy.

Fleas & other external parasites: This is another disease or parasite that is not as common in Utah as many areas in the U.S. but we do still see them on occasion. We seem to see a lot of ear ticks, sometimes even in pets that never leave the yard. Fleas and ticks can be prevented with once a month preventive products.

Arthritis: Found mostly in older pets and both cats and dogs get arthritis. Once arthritis starts it will always progress and get worse. We now have many options to help prevent and treat arthritis including: prescription arthrites medicine, nutritional aids, injectable glucosamine, lazer therapy, and others.  It is best to start thinking about arthritis when our pets are still relatively young, in their adult/mature years.

Other common diseases include respiratory diseases such as Kennel Cough in dogs, and many viral upper respiratory diseases in cats. Cats also get Feline Leukemia and Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus.

These diseases and/or their effects are preventable. Regular preventive health care is a must to help keep your favorite pets healthy and enhance their wellbeing. It takes more than just a few vaccines to truly prevent disease.

Let us help you with all of your pet preventive health care needs.

Rutine physical exams are essential to give you pet the best chances of a long health life, and are part of our annual Lifestage Preventive Health Care Program.

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