Spays & Neuters

Pet Spay & Neuter

Spaying and Neutering is a one-time procedure that prevents your pet from producing a litter of puppies or kittens. It eliminates the chance of testicular, ovarian & uterine cancer and reduces the chance of prostate and mammary cancer.

You most like want to know:What Does It Cost.”  Please take a moment first to learn about some important aspects of these elective surgeries.  By doing this you can make better educated disisions for your pets.

Safety and Comfort for the Pets You Love

Pain Control: An animal that has received pain control before and during surgery has a much easier/ smoother time waking up after anesthesia and is more comfortable during recovery.  Less anesthetic drugs are needed and less pain means less stress and less potential for problems.  IV Catheter and fluids is the most important saftey procedure that is often under utilized.

Intravenous catheter: We do everything possible to be prepared for the unexpected. That is one of the main reasons for a catheter. In the unlikely event that we need to give emergency drugs, it can be done quickly. We also use the catheter to administer i.v. fluids.

Intravenous fluids: Keeps blood pressure up and helps the liver and kidneys filter anesthetic drugs and flush them out. Your pet will have an easier time coming out of anesthesia and a quicker recovery from the anesthetic drugs in the 24 hrs following surgery.

Pre-emptive Pain Control: It is a proven fact that when we get pain control started before the pain occurs we can control it better and we can decrease the amount of anesthetic drugs that are needed. The medication we use is a pet safe NSAID.

Local block: Using a combination of lidocaine and marcain to numb the area that the Dr will make the surgical incision and it lasts for several hours after surgery.

Pain control to go home: This is the same medication as the pre-emptive pain control that we give. This pain medication is to be given at home as directed to help aid in keeping your pet comfortable in the days following surgery. Studies have proven that animals that receive pain control recover and heal quicker than those that don’t

Laser treatment: A post-surgical laser treatment of the incision site(s) helps reduce inflammation and reduce healing time.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work : Checks vital organ functions, helps to determine safest anesthesia protocol and possible risks before anesthesia is given. We also do comprehensive blood work panels for senior pets and those who have chronic diseases or other concerns.

Complete Blood Count: A blood test that ensures that there are no problems like an underlying infection or anemia that may make anesthesia more risky.

Spay and Neuter Packages

 We offer three different packages for spays and neuters.  This allows you to choose the level of saftey and comfort you want for your pet and one that fits your budget.

Spay/Neuter package details (link)

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