Spay & Neuter Packages

Our spay and neuter packages include the following:

Bronze (Basic Package)

  • Pre-surgical exam
  • Pre-anesthetic medications
  • Anesthetic Induction medications and endotracheal tube intubation (dogs)
  • Sterile surgical packs, gloves, suture ……
  • Surgery
  • Anesthetic monitoring
  • Post-operative day hospitalization/monitoring

Basic pain control package may be added (+ $19.95)

  • Pre-emptive pain control
  • Local surgical block
  • Take home pain control

Silver (Basic safety and comfort)

  • Everything in Bronze package plus:
  • Pre-emptive pain control (& anti-anxiety for anxious pets)
  • IV catheter
  • Surgical fluids
  • Local pain block at incision site
  • Take home post-operative pain control
  • Silver Plus: Laser treatment of surgical incision

Gold (Best safety and comfort package)

  • Everything in the silver and bronze plus:
  • Complete blood count
  • Blood serum chemistry pre-surgical profile
  • Carefully selected anesthetic drugs and protocols based on blood results

ECG may also be added for pets with history of heart problems or breeds/family lines with genetic predisposition to heart problems. Ask for more details.

Pricing is based on size or weight of dogs and is different for cats

Please call for the latest prices: 435-381-2539 or 435-637-(VETS)8387
or See our price list