Our Doctors

Dr Jensen

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr JensenDr. Jensen moved to Redmond, Utah next to his grandparents around his 6th birthday.  The next 18 years were spent on his grandpas’ farm where he learned to love animals.  Grandpa had cattle and sheep as the main part of ranching but for personal uses also had chickens, pigs, dogs and cats. Dr. Jensen also caught and raised a baby squirrel.  The squirrel would crawl under his shirt to take a nap when he would sit down to do his homework.

The first time that he had to save an animal’s life was when he and his brother both got a hold of the opposite ends of a rope.  They went out into the sheep pen, both “the Doc to be” and his brother were successful in roping their prize, as one ewe went one way the other went the opposite.  Hitting the ends of the rope both ewes went down and started struggling for air.  Being too small to move the ewes and the rope was tight, it took some frantic work to loosen the ropes, and both ewes survived.

Dr. Jensen attended Utah State University then went on to Kansas State University where he graduated with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1994.  He then moved to Moab, Utah where he spent the next 3.5 years starting his veterinary career.

Dr. Jensen has always had a dream to own his own veterinary practice.  In October of 1997 he moved to Castle Dale, Utah where he started his first veterinary clinic in the basement of his house while he was building his current veterinary hospital.  Dr. Jensen loves the rural setting and the opportunities that it provides.

Theriogenology, (reproduction in animals) has always been of great interest to Dr. Jensen.  One of Dr. Jensen’s main driving motivations is the ability to help people by helping their animals.  Even by improving the lives of cattle we can make the lives of the rancher better.  Production medicine, which has a lot to do with reproduction, has always been very intriguing.  Dr. Jensen has attended many classes using his own time and money to learn more about cattle reproduction, nutrition, and production to better help the cattle producer improve their business.

Pets have always played a large role in Dr. Jensen’s life.  He and his family currently own four Alaskan Malamutes that love to go to the mountains during the winter to play in the snow.  He and his oldest son, Dawson, will take the dogs out with their sled and cross country skis to explore the back country while the whole world is white with snow.  Dr. Jensen’s family also have a miniature schnauzer, “Duke” and a cat “Lilley” that live in their home, to give joy and comfort making their home a better place to live.

Dr. Jensen’s special bond with pets has helped him to see and understand the need for a strong preventive health care plan for all pets that come into his office.  Every pet is special and is treated as an individual with customized plans for each pets’ needs.  These plans include regular complete physical exams, dental care, laboratory screening tests, parasite control, and other treatments as needed.

Dr. Jensen met his wife Leslie while attending Utah State University.  They have five children, Brooke, Dawson, Levi, Megan and Parker, who are heavily involved with sports, and other school activities.  In their free time they spend more time on sports but also camping, hiking, repelling, snow sports and just having a good time exploring the great outdoors.  Dr. Jensen and his son Dawson recently spent a week in Colorado to become certified as ropes course operators.  This was a great opportunity to not only enjoy some more fun outside but to also learn how these experiences can be used to build teams and help people with being able to take on and solve problems they may be faced with.


Dr Sharmon Gilbert


I was raised in South Jordan Utah when it was much more rural.  When I was young there was only one little store named “Holts” that had groceries and things.  I think the 7 eleven was the first chain commercial store and it is even gone now.  I lived close to what is now the Salt Lake Equestrian Center and I was horse crazy.  I loved to ride from a young age and we rode and showed horses most of my years growing up.  We had various other animals too and I loved taking care of them.  I remember spending hours just watching them eat and sitting in the barn.

I also loved science and math and this is why becoming a veterinarian interested me. I graduated from Bingham High School 8th in a class of about 870 and was our Science Sterling Scholar. I attended Utah State University on an academic scholarship and was there 3 years earning a BS in Bio-veterinary Science before being accepted to Washington State University Veterinary school. During my last year at Utah State, I married my husband Paul.  He and I moved to a little town called Albion Washington and we worked hard while I attended veterinary school.  Paul worked for a farmer and then in construction.  I studied hard and worked summers and sometimes during the school year in the Field Disease Investigation Unit at the vet school.

We had our first daughter my freshman year.  We also kept two dogs, two horses and a donkey (until it got loose while we were home visiting and terrorized the whole town of Albion) while I was in school.  I graduated in 1995 with my DVM and we came home for a job in West Jordan, Utah.  I worked there about one year and then began working for Timpanogos Animal Hospital in Pleasant Grove.  I worked there over 9 years.  We decided to move to Emery County when we had an opportunity to buy a farm.  This has been something Paul has always wanted to do, so we did it and enjoy living here. We have also increased our family since vet school.  We now have four girls and one boy.  Their ages range from 21 to 6.  Many of our interests revolve around our family.  I have been interested in dance, baseball, swim, wrestling, gymnastics, WWII, American Indians, The preamble to the Constitution, or whatever the kids are doing.  Along with kids, we raise hay, and a few beef cows.  Our family enjoys riding horses and playing with our dogs.  We have four.  Taffy is a terrier cross from the pound who loves to sit on my daughter’s lap. Toby is a Doberman, also from the pound who looks fierce until he wags his back end.  Hobo is also an adoption and she loves to play catch and tug of war with Mossy.  Mossy is my daughter’s Labrador.  She has a loud bark and is very obedient.  We also have Lydia, a cat, who keeps the house free of mice, Rolly a cat who keeps Oreo, our other cat away and Calico and Mountain Lion who keep grandma and grandpa’s house and the hay stack mouse population down.  We also have a rat named Ronald.  The cats are kept away from him, as he is very personable and well liked.

As a veterinarian I enjoy helping people take care of their animals. Every day we examine pets and educate owners about what they can do to better take care of them.  So many disease and problems can be prevented with the right care! When animals do get sick, we take care of them.  Many laboratory tests are done right in the office to help us find out what is wrong with a sick animal.  Once we know, then we can begin to treat them. One area I am involved in is dental care for our dogs and cats.  Animals get dental disease just like we can if we don’t brush our teeth.  I spend time every day helping to get mouths healthy.  Sometimes this involves oral surgery to remove infected and painful teeth. This is usually something I do every day I work.  I love helping animals and their owners who love them and love living here in Emery County.