Meet Our Team

Jessie Wells

Director of Medicine, Technician

Jessie is a native of Wellington.  She grew up with a variety of animals.  She lived next to a farm and enjoyed the horses but always had a reptile or amphibian in the house.  She was engrained with a deep love and respect for all animals at an early age.  Jessie always knew that her career would be with animals.  She did have a brief period of wanting to be an astronaut…but who doesn’t?

Jessie received her first iguana at age 18 as a graduation present.  She has been hooked ever since.   Ask anyone, they will tell you that she is very obsessed with iguanas and reptiles in general.

Jessie briefly attended CEU after high school but went to Utah Career College in January of 2008 to attend Veterinary Technician School.  She loved college after that and met many great friends and had an awesome time there.  She graduated UCC early in December of 2009 with a degree in Veterinary Technician.  She then worked at an exotic animal hospital for 6 months before moving home.

Jessie has been working at Emery & Carbon Animal Health since May of 2011.  She has learned a lot about horses and livestock and has loved every minute of her employment.  Even though the clinic does not see many exotic animals…ugh!

Jessie is now the Director of Medicine.  She loves to be the anesthesia technician and spend her time taking care of the sick animals.  She admittedly tries to bribe the other technicians so she can stay in the back and help with surgeries or take care of hospitalized pets.


JaeCee Gardner



Kassidee Jensen

Medical Services (Emery Clinic)

Kassidee grew up in Orangeville and always had an animal by her side. She spent a lot of her weekends on her horse herding cows with her grandparents. At home she always had a couple cats, a black lab and a beagle mix.

She was always trying to bring home the strays or sick pets that she’d see. She would play doctor when her cats came back after getting in a fight because they were not neutered. After several fights and many hours of wound care her parents finally took the cats in to be neutered.

Now she has a dog, a cat, and a miniture horse. “Puppy” is 3 yr old Chihuahua/poodle that thinks she is tougher than any animal until it gets close. Carla the cat came from the pound and prefers to be outside all day hunting mice and cuddled up on someone’s head at night. Quack is a 4 yr old miniture horse that was added to the family for her 2yr old son to learn to ride. All kids love Quack and he’ll let them climb on him and ride him. He’ still in training for pulling a cart.