Smart Rabies Tags

We protect our pets from many diseases through regular wellness exams and vaccines.  Do forget, thousands of pets are lost every year simply because they do not have any identification.

Smart Rabies tags are a great way, and the fastest way to get your pet back.  The only down side is that tags can get lost or wear out.  You should also have a permanent identification through the use of a microchip.

New Web Site

I am putting together a new web site for Carbon and Emery Animal Health.  I have had several web sites through various companies over the past 20 years.  This is the first time to do it all on my own.  That is my plan, to make it my own.  I would prefer to have it OUR own, meaning use many of my ideas and lots of input from my staff and you the user of this site.  So, let me know how we can get what you are looking for.  How can we improve, what would you like to see.  How can we best help you with the questions, concerns, and interests you have to help you create healthier pets, horses, and livestock.

Thanks for your input.