Keeping your pet healthy!

Why it is Important

Preventive health care is the least costly and most effective way to insure your dog has a long, healthy, and happy life. Preventive health care allows us to spend more time enjoying our pets, here is a list of benefits:

  • Longer life
  • Less chances of disease
  • Less of life spent sick or in pain
  • Increased activity and performance as pets age
  • Cheaper to prevent than to treat
  • Identify disease/problems early when treatment is easier and outcome is better
  • Working and/or performance dogs have more years of service (saves money and time)
  • More time having the affectionate companionship from the pets you love

What we do

Each pet is different; age, breed, lifestyle, and what you as an owner want from your pet. We treat each pet differently. By using specific guidelines we will customize a preventive healthcare program just for your pet. Here is a list of important things we look at for each pet.

  • Exams – yearly or in cases of older pets or pets with some medical conditions they may need it more often.

o We go from head to tail, checking mouth, nose, ears, throat, skin, heart, lungs, abdomen, joints, legs ……. to ensure your pet is OK.

  • Vaccines – age, and potential of exposure will determine what to vaccinate for and how often
  • Food – pets needs vary based on age, breed, and medical conditions. Proper nutrition can help prevent and treat many common diseases in our pets, the right food at the right time.
  • Parasite control (worms, ticks, fleas ….) almost all pets need some form of parasite control, preventing parasites in our pets also helps prevent them in us and our family.
  • Lab tests – as our pets age, small unseen changes occur, little changes found before we see any changes in our pets will give us the ability to stop or slow the progression of certain problems before it become a major health issue.
  • Pain assessment – little things like arthritis will often occur and only show very small or mild changes in our pets behavior early in the disease. Arthritis can be dramatically slowed when treated early.
  • Teeth – a healthy mouth = a healthy pet. This is one area that many pet owners are really beginning to better understand. A healthy mouth adds years to a pets life and decrease the potential for many diseases as our pets age.
  • Body Condition – a pet that is either over weight or underweight has potential health concerns and can be a sign of an underling disease. Overweight dogs will live 15% less (on average) than normal to slightly under dogs
  • Behavior – a well mannered pet is happier and so are we, early intervention helps the pet and the pets owner. Some behavior changes can also be an indication of an underlying disease.
  • Costs – we have programs to make it very easy to budget the preventive health care your pet needs no matter what life stage your pet is in. We know you know the importance of good health care, we have made it affordable.

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