Health Certificates

Health Certificates are needed any time animals are transported across state lines. We are here to help you get the needed paper work to legally transport your animals. Here is some information that can help you to better understand all of our responsibilities and make this an easier process for everyone. 

Under federal law, 9CFR Ch. 1 §161.3. We need to follow these guidelines. This is only a summery and not meant to be an all inclusive list. Each state also has a list of requirements that need to be followed to ship into their state.

  • The veterinarian must personally inspect that animal within 10 days prior to issuance.
  • These inspections must be conducted in a location that allows the accredited veterinarian sufficient space to observe the animal for locomotion, body excretion, respiration, skin conditions, etc.
  • Inspection forms/certificates/records/reports must 1) be fully and accurately completed 2) clearly identify the animals to which it applies 3) shows the dates and results of any inspection, test, vaccination, treatment 4) provides dates of issuance and expiration of the document
  • Certificates, forms, records, reports are valid for 30 days following the date of inspection of the animal identified on the document, except that origin health certificates may be valid for longer (depends on state regulations).
  • You can’t issue any certificate etc which reflects the results of any inspection, test, vaccination, treatment performed by another veterinarian unless 1) the signing veterinarian has exercised reasonable standard of care to determine the form is accurate or 2) the document indicates that the test, inspection, vaccination, or treatment was done by another ac credited veterinarian.
  •  In the instance of a certificate indicating a
  • laboratory test result, the signing veterinarian must keep a copy of the certificate and attach a copy of the lab results, or a written record of conversation between signing veterinarian and laboratory confirming test results.

State Regulations:

Utah Animal Health:

Policies. AVMA

USDA – APHIS…/animal_faq.shtml

Help us to help you get everything you need

  • When tests are needed to transport animals this may take time it is best to get started about 30 days prior to shipment.
  • Please plan ahead, we want to get your inspections and certificates ASAP. Sometimes our schedule will not allow us to just drop everything and not help clients who have already scheduled appointment to do “emergency” inspections.
    • Tests if needed may take a week or more to get back
    • Please call at least 48 – 72 hours before needed appointment
  • Allow us to do the inspections prior to loading on trucks (see rules above)
  • We really do need to have a full address for where they are going to. This has always been requested from States having animals shipped to them. Today it is more important than ever. New disease traceability programs and on-line certificates require it.
  • We can e-mail most of these certificates so don’t forget to get us your e-mail address.

Thanks for helping us do our job and allowing us to follow the regulations and ethics needed to comply with all laws pertaining to issuing Certificates of Veterinary Inspection.

Why are Certificates of Veterinary Inspections Important?

The biggest and most obvious reason is to control the spread of disease. The economic impact of many diseases, if they were to show up in the US, could be staggering. But what are the chances and most people do not want to ship sick animals. The United States closes its boarders to countries that have these diseases, the one’s like Hoof and Mouth Disease. This is the exact reason that we need a continual surveillance program. Without it many other countries would close their boarders to us and then we can no longer export cattle or beef products to these countries. Then you would see a lower price for the cattle you sell. So if nothing else look at it as an investment.