Cattle Vaccines


Best Program is to vaccinate in the spring, after calving and before breeding.

  • Bovishield Gold FP5 L5
  • Vibrin

This is best done in the spring because Vibrio and Lepto vaccines do not have a long lasting immunity and they protect against abortions, which usually occur in late summer.

FP is fetal protection against PI BVD and IBR (this is very important)

In the Fall to aid with prevention of scours in calves

  • 8 Way Ultrabac 8 and
  • Scour Boss or
  • Scourguard if 2-3 weeks before calving

Good program is to vaccinate in the fall

  • CattleMaster Gold FP5 + L 5
  • Vibrin
  • 8 Way

You may use Bovishield Gold FP5 + L5 if cows have previously been vaccinated with this product in the last 12-14 months. This vaccine builds a better immunity than the killed virus

  • Ivomec Plus of Vetrimed Plus (Ivermectin and Clorsulin) if cows have liver fluke (Nov to Jan)
  • Or Ivermectin Pour-On
  • Or Dectomax. Lasts about 3 weeks longer. Good when turning out to pasture.

Replacement Heifers

Need 3 modified live virus vaccinations of (IBR, BVD most important). PI3, and BRSV Usually 2 around the time of weaning and 1 2-3 weeks before Breeding with FP. Boosters 2-3 weeks before breeding.

  • Vibrio and Lepto (Stay Bred) 2 doses initially4-6 weeks before breeding and boosters 2-3 weeks before branding
  • 8 way 2 doses at branding and weaning.


Best Program


  • 8 way, ULtrachoice with One shot (pasturella) or One shot Ultra 8 (8 way and pasturella)
  • Bovishield Gold 5

2-3 weeks later

  • Bovishield Gold 5
  • Pour On

2-3 Weeks later wean

Good program is to give the second vaccines at the time of weaning.