Life Stages Preventive Health Care

Is preventive health care important for your pet? Do we think about how we can improve our pets happiness and increase their lifespan? It is interesting how similar our pets are to us. Starting life as a baby then growing and maturing into a toddler, adolescent, teenager, adult, middle age adult, senior, and geriatric. Our bodies change and progress our needs change with it. Many older adults may even tell a younger person to treat your body right so you will not regret it when your older. Health care providers and health companies have put together programs on ways we can improve our own health to decrease medical costs and improve our own lives. The big difference between us and our pets is that we it takes us 75 – 90 100 years to go through the same steps that our pets do in 10 to 20 years depending on the breed.

Regular preventative health care with a healthy life style can add years to our lives and to our pets. Because our pets change and their needs also change quite rapidly compared to ours, it is more important than ever to have regular “life stage & life style preventive health care” visits. We treat each pet as an individual with specific needs. This means that the needs of pets will be different base on age, species, breed, types of activities, where they live, and history of past or present health concerns. We are concerned about use of proper nutrition proven to add 1 to 2 years to many pets lives. Dental care is also shown to add years to a pet’s life. Parasite prevention and other possible zoonotic diseases (diseases people can get from pets) prevention to help keep family safe and healthy. Screening tests to detect diseases in the apparently healthy pet. Exercise, behavior and stimulating pet activities are all discussed to insure a happy life for your pet. Vaccines are carefully selected based on the needs of the pet and the ability of those vaccines to benefit your pet.

Our pets are an important part of our lives, whether for companionship, service, or working. Our lives are enriched by our pets and other animals including horses and livestock. Continuing to learn more about how we can help the animals we love being with is good for all, us and them. Come and learn more, you may be surprised at the many advances that veterinary medicine has to offer to help your pets live a long, health, productive, and happy life. We can add years of enjoyment for all.

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    I’ve always known about preventive health care. I think it’s so interesting that the ideals span to pets as well! It makes sense that you would want to take care of pet problems before the start. Thanks for sharing!

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