Bad Breath!

1 in 3 dogs and 1 in 4 cats have dental disease by the time they are 3 years old!

All cats and dogs need dental care just like we do:

  • Plaque and tartar build up much faster on smaller dog breeds and cats because their teeth are much closer together (For example and Dachshund compared to a Great Dane)
  • Make it a habit to brush their teeth every day with a pet toothpaste (*human toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed and flouride is toxic) to help keep their teeth & gums clean and healthy.
  • Plan, and budget, on having your pets’ teeth professionally cleaned every year. By keeping your pets’ mouth clean you can help extend the healthy years of their life.
  • Call us to schedule a FREE Dental Exam. Let us show you how you can take care of your pets’ teeth at home and the dental services we provide.
Karlie_before_dental_300x189.jpg Karlie_after_dental_300x215.jpg
Before dental cleaning After dental cleaning

This dogs’ teeth are professionally cleaned every year to help prevent infection and the need for teeth extractions. Regular maintenance now helps prevent extensive work needed later. Think about it like this: You have regular maintenance done on your car to help prevent major damage and repairs. Your pets’ health is the same, regular maintenance now will reduce: chances of infection, amount of dental work needed i.e. teeth extractions, your pets’ discomfort, and the impact on your wallet. Check out our articles for more information on Dental Disease and how it can be prevented!

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